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Robert A. Goldfinger, CAMS, CFS Cmdr. CID (retired)
ACAMS National Liaison
Head of Financial Crimes Technology Sales at KX

With nearly three decades of leadership experience in the public and private sectors, Robert Goldfinger brings a unique combination of management expertise and operational and investigation leadership to business environments in need of technology and investigative solutions. His deep background in compliance, security and operational risk, anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing allow him to view overall financial crimes compliance bank operations with a practical risk-based approach. Robert has held leadership positions within the fraud and risk management sector, most recently as the Global Expert of Financial Crimes Solutions for a large international technology company. His experience spans multiple private sector firms across finance and technology where he applied proven operational and technical approaches to enhance Risk, Fraud and Compliance programs successfully.

Robert is a retired law enforcement executive, having served with the Rochester New York Police Department. During his tenure in law enforcement, he held numerous leadership positions including Commanding Officer of Criminal Investigations, Director of Training and Development, and Internal Investigation Command, managing use of deadly physical force, corruption and integrity investigations.

He is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) and a founding member -- and former Co-Chair -- of the ACAMS Carolinas Chapter. He also serves on the ACAMS TODAY editorial and ACAMS educational task forces. An author and frequent speaker, Robert regularly appears at U.S. domestic and international conferences to discuss organizational efficiency, utilization and design of due diligence tools, threat and risk management, as well as fraud and anti-money laundering. He is currently an adjunct law professor at Case Western Reserve University.

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