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October 2020 Event: A Fireside chat with John Cassara

October 14th, 2020

Mr. Cassara's latest book, entitled “MONEY LAUNDERING and Illicit Financial Flows”, covers the essential aspects of global money laundering.

About this Event John Cassara is a man with a very impressive long career in Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing. He worked both on the frontline, in law enforcement internationally, and in the US government, including FinCen. During his law enforcement investigative career, he conducted an extensive number of money laundering investigations covering fraud, intellectual property rights, smuggling, diversion of weapons and high technology in Africa, the Middle East, and Europe for a variety of federal agencies. He is a respected expert on the subject of Trade Based Money Laundering and has written a book on the subject. Recently he published his latest book entitled “MONEY LAUNDERING and Illicit Financial Flows”. It is a very impressive work that covers many of the essential aspects of global money laundering. This Fireside Chat, with Peter Wild, started by discussing some of some of the implications of the recent ICIJ publication of articles based upon the leak of the Suspicious Activity Reports from FinCen. We highlighted some of the significant areas covered in his book including: 1. Some significant global ML statistics 2. In the chapter on Trade-Based Money Laundering he describes something currently almost unknown in Anti-Money Laundering enforcement which is Service Based Money Laundering. 3. The Illicit Tobacco Trade is almost forgotten in many AML programs today even though it remains a significant problem. 4. Perhaps the most impressive chapter is called “China: The Biggest Money Laundering Threat”. The 78 pages are devoted to a very comprehensive discussion of the many areas in which China is involved in ML. 5. Some of his recommendations to improve the AML/CTF regime. His book: MONEY LAUNDERING and Illicit Financial Flows is available on Amazon.

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