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Chris Healy

Law Enforcement Liason

Department of Homeland Security

Chris Healy currently serves as the Assistant Special Agent in Charge for Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Mr. Healy has oversight of all of HSI investigative purview in North Carolina, with oversight of 5 offices throughout the state. 

In his current position, Mr. Healy manages all of HSI’s complex federal law enforcement investigative programs related to national security and smuggling violations, including money laundering, counter-proliferation, financial crimes, commercial fraud, human trafficking, human smuggling, narcotics smuggling, transnational gangs, cyber-crimes, child pornography and exploitation, and document and benefit fraud.  He has oversight of a diverse cadre of federal agents, intelligence analysts, and professional administrative staff.  He also oversees a number of HSI-led multiagency task forces, which include state, local and federal law enforcement members working together to target cross-border criminal organizations that exploit the legitimate travel, commercial trade and financial systems. 


Mr. Healy began his career in 1997 in Nogales, Arizona as a Special Agent with the former United States Customs Service where he worked narcotics smuggling and financial investigations.  In 2001, Mr. Healy transferred to the Newark, NJ office where he primarily worked money laundering investigations targeting Colombian based money launders using the banking system to further their illicit activities.  In 2003, Mr. Healy was promoted to Homeland Security Investigations headquarters in Washington, DC where he was served as the Department of State Liaison overseeing export investigations involving weapons and sensitive technology.  In 2007, he transferred to Atlanta, Georgia as a Group Supervisor over the David Wilhelm Narcotics Strike Force focusing on narcotics and bulk cash smuggling investigations.  Mr. Healy was promoted in 2012 to serve as the Resident Agent in Charge for the Charlotte, NC office of investigations.  In July 2016, Mr. Healy was again promoted to his current position of Assistant Special Agent in Charge for North Carolina. 

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